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May 7, 2021

Archives for May 2019

Company Boss Makes A Stand As Radio 2’s Popmaster Cost Uk Companies Billions In Downtime.

At 10:30 am and 10:40 am every weekday, there is a show on Radio 2 known as Pop Master, and it is starting to have a negative effect on productivity nationwide with Lincolnshire topping the league table of unproductive workers. As soon as the jingle is played at 10:30 workers of a certain age and

Giant Pro European Seagull Sxxxs On Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage was the victim of a pro European lactose shit bomb today as he visited Newcastle city centre Nigel was left horrified when he was shit on by a disgruntled seagull circling above. Farage was said to have yelled at his security staff calling them ‘Complete failures’ as the police grabbed hold of the