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May 7, 2021

Archives for August 2019

How Ironic, Demonised Turkey Saves British Steel, At least 31.32% of Scunthorpe Voters will Be Grateful.

  Sausage readers cast your minds back to 2016, to Boris’ red bus and good ole Nigel Farage spreading fear about Turkey’s – unlikely to happen anytime soon – application to join the E.U.  Brexit politicians creating a fear of Turkey because it borders Syria and Iraq etc, you know the place we like to

“Brace Yourself Lincolnshire! Folks Use Your Extra Fingers And Hold On Tight As, There’s A Storm A Coming!”

  The county is being warned to brace itself after a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms was issued by the Met Office. Forecasters are predicting that parts of Lincolnshire could see heavy showers due to thunderstorms working the afternoon shift between 2pm and 10pm on Wednesday August 14. In the warning the Met Office informed

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