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March 30, 2020

A Bridge Too Far For Rush Hour In Gainsborough As Lorry And Railway Bridge Go Head To Head.

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Lea Road Bridge in Gainsborough has been at it again despite warnings from local Authorities and the British Transport Police.

On Wednesday afternoon August 14 th around 3pm the naughty bridge decided to stop another lorry in its tracks brining that part of Gainsborough to a standstill.

The bridge is a pivotal part of the town and it represents the crossover from the poor side of the town to the affluent village of Lea. A bit like east and west Detroit only in this case G-troit.

For safety reasons the people of Gainsborough were urged to stay away from the area but they are a set of nosey buggers and let’s face it, not much happens in their sleepy town so this is a big event and will probably be talked about for years to come. Chances are it will probably have a beer named after it at the annual beer festival.

Within a few minutes a small crowd arrived at the scene, some people giddier than on a universal credit pay day with one bystander allegedly saying, “There are more people here than when Gainsborough Trinity played the Z-list Manchester United team which came to town in 1998 and what they get at a Trinity home cup game.”

Traffic was affected slightly with people getting stuck on the wrong side of the divide. It is alleged that there were three dynamic entrepreneuring tree surgeons stuck on the Lea side and four cars with registration no older than 2018 stuck on the poorer side of the bridge. 

Their doors were locked and the drivers appeared too scared to unlock or wind down the windows to give a comment.

It is not known what punishment will be dealt to the mischievous bridge, but it is rumoured that it maybe painted pink so lorry drivers can see it and as a warning to all other bridges to behave themselves.

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