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May 7, 2021

Lincolnshire Folk, Prune Your Parts And Show Some Heart! Channel 4’s Naked Attraction Needs Your Flesh.

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Roll up roll up yellow-bellied folk of Lincolnshire, that popular controversial Channel 4 is looking for people from our area to star in the next series of Naked Attraction.

Everyone is considered… no matter how local you look.

Producers are scouring the nation looking for the next batch of willing  contestants for the hit cringe worthy Channel 4 programme.

So get those webbed feet trimmed and your gills flushed out because love could just be a coloured boothe away.

They should not be shy to bare all and let it all hang low in front of the watching world in their quest to find love.

Stepping into a coloured booth and exposing your bits may not be your cup of tea and, if this is the case, you need not apply just stay at home and watch the carnival of flesh unravel before your eyes. 

Imagine a naked Wetherspoons!

But, if you are willing to be judged by your genitals, third eye and are keen to find someone to date who isn’t related to you or stolen from the nearby farm, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

For those local folk who aren’t aware of the programme or who still sit down in the evening to listen to the wireless, Naked Attraction is all about picking a potential partner based solely on what they look like naked. 

Standing in a cubicle, you will be revealed in parts by a screen moving up. Starting at the toes, all twelve of them in some cases, finishing off at the head leaving you standing fully naked as the day you were born… but with a few more poorly chosen drunken tattoos and piercings.

So, if you fancy your chances of bagging a date that doesn’t look like your favourite sock or favourite battery operated internal massaging device and want to go on the show, here are some rules to be aware of before you apply.

You need to be 18, and you need to be prepared to strip totally naked in front of the entire nation. All gills,webs and extra nipples must be trimmed and polished to be accepted by the producer’s. If you fit into these categories, you’re exactly what the producers from Channel 4 are looking for so put an X in the box and sign up.

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