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May 7, 2021

Happy Lincolnshire Day You Yellow-bellied Folk.

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Lincolnshire’s official county day is here Sausage readers and it marks the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising, a revolt by Catholics against the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII on 1st October 1536.

Yellowbellies (pronounced yeller belly) born and bred in Lincolnshire, and those who have moved to the county and now call it home, today celebrate the county’s traditions, past and culture by dressing in yellow (yeller).

It’s not known for sure why people from Lincolnshire are called a yeller belly but one reason offered is that the uniforms of the old Lincolnshire Regiment were green with yellow facings. The fastenings of the uniform tunic, which were known as frogs, were also yellow.

This may explain why so many men did not return back from the trenches of the Great War. Yellow stands out like a sore thumb against shitty wet brown mud and whatever green was left on the Somme.

While other more local folk living in rural areas hold events such as Wicker Man building, pig racing, bloodletting, wife (sister) swapping and ducking stool events where you can legally take the mother-in-law and dunk her for half an hour in the local pond to see if she really is the witch you believe her to be without fear of prosecution.

Some less local folk and them modern large town and city dweller types just choose to decorate their workplaces and homes with Lincolnshire flags and maybe bake a few cakes to celebrate the day.

Some of the yoof today don’t even know what a Catholic is let alone know what Lincolnshire day is so the chances of them Celebrating Lincolnshire day is going to be slim.

So fellow six fingered Yellowbellies, don’t forget to wear something yellow grab the wife (sister) and mother-in-law and have yourselves a great Good Ole Lincolnshire Day.


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