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April 9, 2020

Rumours Of A Local Euromillions Win Spread As Lincolnshire Couple Pay Electricity Bill In Full.

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Rumours were rife in Gainsborough of a Euromillions jackpot win this morning, after a couple walked into a local post office and paid their electricity bill in full.

Postmistress Pat O’Cake said “I couldn’t believe it like. They just walked in all cocky with brand new matching 3 stripe tracksuits, brand new trainers and a massive wad of cash in one hand and the bill in the other. It wasn’t even a red one, normally I wait till I get threatened with court action till I pay, I’ve never seen owt like it and I’ve worked here 35 years.”

Bystanders told our reporter that the couple, who can’t be named for benefit reasons, soon disappeared into the crowd, but not before splashing out on four packs of 20 Regal King Size and a pack of Stella from Martin Mcolls. It was also rumoured that they made a donation to charity by dropping their change in the ‘Help the Aged’ tin on the way out.


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