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May 28, 2020

Environmental Activists Criticised For Protesting For Change Before Changes Have Happened.

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Armchair experts hit social media this week to condemn environmental campaigners for not waiting to campaign against climate change causing fossil fuels until after society had fully adopted renewable energy and all vehicles were environmental friendly.

Environmental campaigners were called dumb by the arm chair gammons for super glueing themselves to tube trains in London as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests because they were taken away to hospital or police stations in diesel fuelled vehicles.

Biology teacher and climate change campaigner Tre. Ehugger said “what do they want us to do? Campaign for change after it’s happened? Isn’t that a special kind of stupid? A bit like wiping your arse before you’ve had a shit.”

“Do Sheffield United fans now will their team to score a goal in a match which they lost 2-0 ten years ago? No, of course they don’t, you do it before the event. Duhhh”

One critic hit out by saying that he would ‘jump in the cab of the train and off we go’ insinuating that they would cause harm to the protesters who many have typically accused of being ‘unemployed’.

One sit-at-home Facebook warrior said in a bad attempt at irony that ‘It’s the unemployed laying in roads stopping the employed going to work to earn their unemployment benefits.’ 

One campaigner – Miss P. Erplexed was left speechless after reading the ill-informed comments on social media. She said “Let me get this straight… these people want to harm and kill the people who are concerned about the future of the planet which their children are dependant on?”

“This planet gives us life affirming food, oxygen and water. Without it we would not survive. We need the planet more than it needs us, we are the children of the planet, it created us.” 

“I don’t understand their logic. With their skewed way of thinking I can only assume that they would bake a cake for a paedophile before inviting him into their house and then pass him condoms before leading him up to their child’s room. It’s like they really want them and their future to be fucked!”


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