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May 28, 2020

That’s Not How You Spell S-cunthorpe!

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Tina Turner affectionately known as Ten Bob Tina by her ‘friends’ was tuning into the ITV 1 show Good Morning Britain, Thursday, October 24, when the programme cut to Calendar to see the news in Lincolnshire and that there Yorkshire.

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However, Tina noticed an unfortunate positioning in the technical layout while watching a feature on the latest news regarding a bid to save job at British Steel aka ‘The Works’ where most of her clients worked.

Tina told The Sausage: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I almost thought that lasts nights skag was still in my system, I wasn’t very good at English at school but I do have a degree in the Scunthorpion language.”

“The Good Morning Britain logo, which is positioned in the left hand corner of the screen, was covering the S at the beginning of our beautiful town changing its name to Cunthorpe.”

Luckily the people saw the funny side to it and no bones will be broken at GMB or their buildings torched.

But the slight gaffe made by GMB had put to bed that age old football chant of ‘Who put the Cunt in Scunthorpe?’

Good Morning Britain did.

And to mark this historical event, Tina has dropped her prices for the half term holiday. 

“I’m gonna be quids in now that Scunthorpe has been on national telly, and I don’t mean on the Jeremy Kyle show, there should be an influx of visitors to the town and hopefully a load of new punters for me.”


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