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May 28, 2020

Furious Daily Heil Reader Flabbergasted At The Amount Of Immigrants At The Local Hospital!

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An irate Daily Heil reader has complained about the number of immigrants he saw in his local hospital’s A&E department over the weekend. He was left disappointed when one bandaged his arm and another took him for an X-ray.

63 year old Robert Bleekin, fell from a ladder in a work-related accident last Friday. The ‘Made In The EU’ sticker on the side of the ladder declared that the ladder had been made in a European country (England – but why let that get in the way of a good rant) and Bob could be heard shouting as he picked himself up off the floor. “This wouldn’t have happened if the ladder had been made in Britain! The sooner we are out the better!”

Bob had insisted that lengthy delays in the NHS are not caused by chronic underfunding, cut backs and penny pinching but by vast swathes of sick foreigners also known as NHS Tourist’s. 

In fact just that morning Mr Bleekin had left an angry comment on the Heil Onlines website.

“The average Iraqi, Syrian and all of those other refugees who choose to build houses where we want to drop our bombs only have to get a sniffle and them and their families jump on the back of a rubber dinghy sharpish and start paddling like Joe Fuck towards our glorious white cliffs to claim free medical attention. It’s ridiculous and completely unbelievable.” (Something we can agree on there!)

“It was only last month I had to wait three weeks to see my GP and when I got there an Iranian Doctor had stolen his job!”

Even after experiencing an excellent standard of care from the doctors and nurses at Lincoln County Hospital Mr Bleekin remains convinced that Johnny foreigners are causing huge problems for hardworking tax paying Britons.

Bob told The Sausage: “I walked down the street the other day and I didn’t hear one English voice. It was like being on a different planet, foreigners to the left of me foreigners to the right of me. I was surrounded by bloody foreigners all of ‘em spending my hard earned tax money in the local businesses.”

When questioned how he knew it was his money they were spending and not their own hard earned money Mr Bleekin told our reporter to “fuck off and do one you commie foreign refugee loving terrorist sympathising lefty.”


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