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May 28, 2020

Prince Andrew To Appear In A Jeremy Kyle One Off Special.

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In a statement a palace spokesperson told The Sausage: “Prince Andrew will appear on a one off special of the Jeremy Kyle Show next Wednesday in a bid to clear his name and quash some of the allegations that have been thrown at him. It seems like short notice but honestly this has been planned for months since the execution… sorry I mean untimely and tragic death of Jeffrey Epstein.”

Prince Andrew will be grilled in good old Jezza style about his playboy lifestyle before facing the dreaded lie detector test. And we all know that Jezza’s lie detector is the only lie detector in the world worth paying attention to.

It has broken many a strong willed person from international drug dealing, cross dressing cheating husband’s to a woman who gave a guy a cheeky wank for quick a tenner so she could buy some skag to feed her habit and escape the reality of her shitty existence.

Prince Andrew can expect to be in for a bit of a rough ride with Jezza firing extremely probing questions at him left right and centre. If he’s not careful he will be sweating like a paedophile in a primary school.


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