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May 28, 2020

Brexit Advent Calendar Finally Goes On Sale, Are You Ready For Your Next Dose Of Disappointment?

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Brexit advent calendar has gone on sale a few days late with fuckall, false promises, lies and disappointment behind each door.

The overpriced £15.50 festive product has a variety of picture predictions on every door from 1 to 24, but almost all windows end up entirely blank and lifeless, and after number 20 they don’t even open at all.

It is rumoured that on the 24th December, purchasers will be treated to a postage stamp-sized image of an overweight British Bulldog with the words ‘Let’s make Britain great again’ written over the top of it and not forgetting the picture of the famous Red Bus with 350 million pounds worth of lies on it..

The calendar has been commissioned by Jacob-Rees Mogg on a 150-year contract and was produced by local Saxilby based company Austerity Hits Ltd.

Austerity Factory To Open At Saxilby.


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