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September 27, 2020

Layer Up For A Cold Damp Election Day.

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Lincolnshire parents have been advised by the Met office to layer up on their pajamas and put their fluffy winter dressing gown on today for the morning school run as it’s a bit fresh out there.

The school run could take a little longer this morning due to there being a General Election with mum’s and dad’s placing an X in the appropriate box on the way home from the school run.

Scunny mum of 4 Sue Ridge told The Sausage “It’s a right proper pain in the arse, I might as well put on a pair of jeans and sweatshirt, brush my hair, do my makeup and look like a regular human being as opposed to a stereotypical Scunny mum. I’ve already had to put some fake Uggs this morning because it’s a bit damp under foot.”

“The Government should do something about these general election thingys getting in the way of my day, it means I’m going to have to watch Helicopter Heroes on catch up now.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire schools told The Sausage that they have noticed a definite change in drop off wear which prompted the advice from the Met office. Too many mum’s were still in their flimsy £6.99 Asda summer negligee and it was becoming a public safety issue. Especially when the wind whips up and you have to look at Ten Tonne Tracey’s ham sandwich.


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