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September 27, 2020

“Happy Christmas, Your Mail Is Here.”

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Local post persons from across the county who haven’t spoken a word to Lincolnshire residents for 350 days have suddenly become friendly and approachable over the past couple of weeks.

Local post person, Pat O’Cake who usually waits around the corner until people have gone out so he can push his ‘We called while you were out’ card through the door has reportedly managed to deliver a few parcels with a Christmas card from him attached to them.

But we all know Pat will be spending the next few days forcing out a smile and the occasional fake, ‘Morning’ in a bid to boost his tip and chocolate count so he can have bragging rights down at the depot.

It has also been reported that he has been seen closing gates behind him and keeping his little red rubber bands for future use rather than just discarding them in people’s back passages.

Residents are being urged not to worry if they see a member of Royal Mail’s staff acting strange as normal service will be resumed in the new year.


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