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September 27, 2020

Addict?” I Can Stop Anytime!”

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A Lincolnshire man who drinks a litre and a half of brake fluid every day claims that he’s not addicted and that he can stop any time he wants.

Paul Halt, 45, began drinking brake fluid on his 16th birthday and he has been drinking it everyday since.

“I started by just doing shots of the stuff after my parents told me that now I’m 16 and working I wouldn’t be getting anymore presents, I found a tin in the back of my dad’s garage and it built from there,” Paul told The Sausage.

Paul now needs to drink a litre and a half of brake fluid every day, otherwise he can’t function. Despite this, he claims he’s not addicted.

His friends have tried to hold interventions for Paul, but it has been to no avail. He insists that he’s not an addict and can come to a complete stop at anytime.

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