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March 8, 2021

Archives for January 2020

Greta Thunberg In Massive U Turn On Rising Sea Levels After Visiting ‘Shit Tip’ Cleethorpes

Part time teen climate change activist and full time school skiver Greta Thunberg has dramatically changed her view about rising sea levels after the misfortune of visiting Cleethorpes last weekend. The fiery young angry Swede was so horrified by what she saw she now hopes sea levels continue to rise and wipe the town off

The Jeremy Kyle Show Set For Return, Boris Johnson To Be The First Guest.

The long anticipated question of “how many children does Boris have?” may finally be answered.  Talks are underway between ITV and 10 downing street to revive “The Jeremy Kyle Show” to finally answer the long awaited question. After crumbling under substantial pressure Boris has been quoted as saying “we should proceed without dither and delay”

Lincoln Business Woman’s Water Habits More Fanatical Than An ISIS Brainwashing Camp Commander

“Hydration is key”: Shouted Helen ‘H2O’ Waterford to The Sausage whilst performing 10 squats in her high heels and grey two piece office suite. H2O Waterford has kick-started a new ‘health and wellness’ routine this year and has had a stainless steel water bottle glued to her hand so that she can constantly replenish her

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