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March 30, 2020

Hoity Toity Expectant Seniors And Dressing Gown Clad Mother In Supermarket Car Parking Spot Kerfuffle.

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It’s emerged that supermarkets are beginning to clamp down on senior citizens parking their expensive cars in family parking spots after a fight broke out on Thursday between an older childless couple and a woman shopping with her 9 youngest offspring.

Senior citizens whose children are at age in their 40s and 50s have been spotted parking regularly in the wider family spots meant only for parents with young children to avoid having their cars damaged by opening doors.

“It’s becoming too much of a regular occurance.” Said Tesco spokesperson Sheila Sweeles “Everyday there are several expensive Audis, Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMs and Volvos parked in the bays while families have to park in spots in the overshoot car park. ”

This has angered some of the younger locals who cannot find a parking spot for their battered old people carriers and tranny vans.

Doris Hoity-Toity, 68 visiting from affluent Tickhill, told the Sausage; “I don’t see what the problem is, I have children. Granted mine are in their early 40s but still, I have children.” 

When pointed out that her children were not in the car with them, and in fact one was currently in Australia while the other was working in Canada and that she had no right to be parking in the family parking bays meant for struggling parents with young children, Doris got a bit huffy.

Husband and large mustache enthusiast Bartholomew Hoity-Toity stepped in, “I think it’s a disgrace that you have these parking bays for youngsters with children. We never had them in our day.”

“There are no parking spots for us more mature people who have paid our taxes.”

It was at this point that Mr Hoity-Toity began waving his rolled up copy of the Daily Mail at us.

“These people don’t work, the state funds them and it’s us better people who fund the state. They should be thanking us and letting us have the parking spots.”

Rihanna Bethanny Beyonce Smith who was involved in the kerfuffle with the Hoity-Toity’s said “Snobby old c***s.” before walking off in her best dressing gown and slippers followed by her brood.

“We wouldn’t mind but they can’t even park the bloody things straight the selfish bastards,” said Sheila Sweels.

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