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March 8, 2021

Archives for March 2020

Pubs and Clubs In Lincolnshire Ban All Fighting And Contact Sports As Coronavirus Sweeps The Nation.

Coronavirus could kill off pubs ‘within days’ after punters told to stay at home. Beer loving Brits were told to stay away from pubs and other indoor spaces earlier by Boris Johnson because of coronavirus, but industry bosses warn this could be disastrous for their future. The British Beer and Pub Association has written to

Bridlington, So Shit, Even The Arcades Dish Out Loo Roll So Holidaymakers Can Wipe Their Hands Clean!

Bridlington amusement arcade mocks coronavirus panic by filling its grabber machine with toilet roll. Yes Sausage readers this is real news so forget going to the Lincolnshire coast where you can win a teddy, a fake Fiver or a tumble dryer at the bingo. The better prizes are north of the border.  If you fancy

Angry Racist Mug And Facist Flavoured Tea Leaves A Bitter Taste In Local Man’s Mouth.

A Lincolnshire man was left feeling violated this week after he removed some of his belongings which had been in storage for three months whilst he searched for a flat. Roger Parsons a mild mannered man from Blyton had collected the last box of belongings from the storage unit and had noticed a strange noise

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