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December 2, 2020

New Series Of Death In Paradise To Be Set In Grimsby And Renamed Death And Parasites

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The company which produces the hit Anglo – French TV show Death In Paradise shown on the BBC has announced that they are going to relocate and rename it for the new series.

Many locals on the French owned islands where the show is filmed have had enough and asked for production to be stopped as it approaches its tenth year. 

Gary Lic, a spokesperson for the hit Show, told the Sausage that they were ‘disappointed that they were to finish filming in the Caribbean but were also excited to be starting somewhere fresh’.

“We thought about relocating to Miami, or maybe to ze Balearics but we believe people are fed up of ze zun and exotic locations and zat zey want zumthing a little more realistic and edgy. Zumthing a littel more bleak.”

“We looked at zetting ze new show at SkegVegas calling eet ‘Death, Chips and Paradise’. But when we went to Lincolnshire scouting ze area we came across Grimsby. What a sheet ‘ole it iz. We instantly fell in love wiz ze place and thought it was perfect for ze new show.

“Looking around we could zmell ze ztench of death and cheep fat. Youz can zee death as it dragz itself to ze benefeets offeeces. And wiz only ze police actually having jobs we zought the new name should be ‘Death And Parasites’. Catchy do youz not zink?”

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