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May 7, 2021

Bridlington, So Shit, Even The Arcades Dish Out Loo Roll So Holidaymakers Can Wipe Their Hands Clean!

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Bridlington amusement arcade mocks coronavirus panic by filling its grabber machine with toilet roll.

Yes Sausage readers this is real news so forget going to the Lincolnshire coast where you can win a teddy, a fake Fiver or a tumble dryer at the bingo. The better prizes are north of the border. 

If you fancy winning a life saving, Coronavirus busting toilet roll, get yourself a few miles up north over the Humber Bridge to the glitzy arcades of Bridlington.

While Britain is suffering a loo roll shortage with supermarket shelves bare of the soft white arse wiping material, Bridlington arcades are giving punters the opportunity to win bog roll at a £1 a pop. 

The lengths other seaside resorts will go to, to steal punters away from our own gems of the east coast such as Skeg Vegas, Monte Mabo and Cleggydorm is astounding.

At least ours are genuine shitholes and we don’t need no fancy games to attract visitors.



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