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August 12, 2020

Women Forced To Work From Home Rejoice Not Having To Wear ‘Boss Pleasing’ Bras 

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Many of us miss spending time with family, walks in the park, trips to the coast, heading out to the pub for a few beers with our mates, doing the things which we use to take for granted before the lockdown started 

But despite this world pandemic, women have still found a way to celebrate and it’s not by getting their husbands and wives to finish all of those jobs around the house or having a fling with the gardener.

Working from home means you can wear the comfiest clothes in your cupboard and ladies around the world have been ditching their bras, their over the shoulder boulder holders, knocker lockers, tit sling or whatever you want to call them.

Mary Jugs an office worker from Lincoln told The Sausage via video link “when my company told me that I would be working from home I was actually a little sad and disappointed as I do like the office camaraderie which I will miss, but when I got home and flicked my bra into the wash bin I heard my left tit say to my right tit ‘we’re free’.”

“When they dropped down with a slap I felt free for the first time in yonks. Normally I spend at least 9 hours with them trust up underneath my chin, looking super pert in the hope that my boss notices them and doesn’t pass me over for promotion. I even wear a black bra under a white semi-see-through blouse because I know he loves it… I mean, what kind of woman actually enjoys having their bras stared at?”

“This took all of my anxiety away, as you can breathe better without a bra on, I can now work with them resting on the desk which is a wonderful feeling. In fact working from home could mean much more freedom. No pants, no make up, and no shaving. In fact I could look like Chewie from Star Wars whilst working from home and no one would know or care. Ain’t life a peach!”


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