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May 28, 2020

Local Satire Writers Forced Into Facebook Prison And Gets A Telling Off As Tommeh Fan Gets Their Mum To Read Them A Satirical Post About Their Messiah.

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Writers of satirical news websites across the world were in shock today as one of the Lincolnshire Sausages top writers was placed into Facebook Prison. 

” Go directly to jail if you pass go don’t collect £200″

Tom Eh-Isawankha, our very own brown skinned, second generation son of a muslim immigrant and job stealing writer, was notified of his crime on Wednesday afternoon. Rumor has it he almost fell off his chair spitting his coffee out all over his copy of War and Peace.

The crime that was committed, was nothing major in the eyes of The Sausage, as it was not committing murder, or stealing money off someone’s gran, or stealing candy from a baby… the kind of crimes a soon to be named bloke and his cockwomble cronies are likely to comit… mainly on non-whites… but not always. 

No, it was… wait for it …dramatic pause and drumroll…

The sharing of a post into our Satire Group which had been published by another top satirical website, The Rotherham Bugle, about the notorious racist thug and all round pathetic waste of organs, Tommy ‘Are Tommeh’ Robinson. (Yes, we know it should be ‘our’ but we are trying to be as accurate and authentic as possible and very few TR supports know how to spell or say it correctly)

The post subject was about the time dear sweet testicle brained Tommy Robinson got a good hiding at a Centre Parcs, with a satirical twist. Obviously this upset one of the ‘Are Tommeh ‘ Brigade and they complained to the FB police. The rest is history.

The Sausage however will not be taking any action against our own Tom Eh-Isawankha, because we do not believe that the writer has been a Silly Sausage, and we will continue to take the piss and shit out of ‘Their Tommeh’ regardless.

Let it be known, he’s definitely not ‘Are Tommeh’. 

Quite frankly, that useless thick-as-pig-shit racist and down right embarrassment to Britain makes OUR SHIT ITCH!!!

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