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May 28, 2020

Revealed! Spanish Flu Pandemic Was Covid-19 Sent Back In Time By Evil Chinamerican Scientists Using 5G Masts At Trump’s Request

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Scientists studying exhumed skeletons from a mass grave of Spanish Flu victims have discovered that Covid-19 was actually responsible.

The scientists unearthed a truth which had been buried for over 100 years, whch was that the Spanish Flu wasn’t the Spanish Flu, but was the same coronavirus we are battling today.

Woke keyboard warriors and regular tin foil hat wearing scientists with PhDs from the University of Life had been hinting in specific Facebook groups that real scientists in Chinamerica were unleashing Covid-19 on the planet’s population in an attempt to depopulate and thin out the species.

Dick Head, regular dope smoker, David Icke fan and fulltime Facebook Scientist and Protector Of The Truth (As he sees it) said “We knew it all along. You sheeple wouldn’t listen, and now these scientists are telling you that Sir David of the Ike clan was correct.”

“Evil Chinamerican scientists have been sending the coronavirus back through time using 5G masts at the orders of Donald Trump, the supreme masonic slitty eyed Draconian overlord, ruler of the serpent reptilian Draco order. His plan is to kill off as many Spanish speakers as possible to reduce the amount of Hispanics in 2020 America. It saves having to build a wall with Mexico.”

“The New World Order Elite have been spraying  us with chemtrails and poisoning us with fluoride in our water to control us, to keep us all indoors, monged out and with ill health and unable to think straight.”

When told that non of his ramblings made any sense and that he spent most of his time sat at home watching questionable YouTube videos while smoking blunts, drinking beer and chowing down on a Dominos delivery and that the government didn’t need to waste time controlling him because he was doing it to himself,  the self righteous woke warrior told us to ‘fuck off’ before repeatedly calling us ‘sheeple’ and telling us to ‘do our research’.

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