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September 27, 2020

Man Builds A Fortress Out of Wifes Amazon Packaging

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A woman who constantly ordered items from Amazon during the lockdown woke up one morning to find that her husband had decided to build himself a fortress out of all the packaging.

Ady Mann made himself a stunning twin turret fortress with a full operational drawbridge out 84 boxes, 25 kilograms of brown paper and 6 padded envelopes. 

Ady told The Sausage: “Since lockdown started the missus has needed so much essential stuff like, bedsheets, glasses, juicers, extension leads and a years supply of hayfever tablets plus various other items, we were getting deliveries every day. And let’s face it the blue recycling bin just couldn’t cope with all the extra cardboard as well as all those extra lockdown empty beer bottles.”

“I was initially annoyed that she had ordered so much stuff. And as we all know, Amazon will send a butterfly tin opener in a two foot box wrapped in 6 yards of brown paper but now, I’m over the moon about all of the excess packaging.”

“In fact, I’ve just ordered 16 bars of soap and 8 jars of coffee so I can build a mount for my canon.”

“My wife thinks that it’s immature of me to highlight her shopping addiction in such a childish way but really she should know her place… After all, I am king right? I’m the one with the castle.”

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