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May 7, 2021

Archives for July 2020

I’d Do Anything For My Country But I Won’t Do That Says Predictable Angry Englishman 

A proud Englishman and R Tommeh worshiper has stated in various social media posts, as well as bragged down the pub after several pints of Stella, that he’d do absolutely anything for his country apart from ‘wear a chuffing face mask’ during a global pandemic. Terrance Cockwomble, 42 from Gainsborough told The Sausage: “I’m willing

‘Your Social Media Posts Are Boring’ Claims Scunthorpe Couple Who Only Post Hundreds Of Selfies Of Themselves Holding Drinks

A Scunthorpe couple caused a major rift in their social circles after branding their friends Facebook posts as boring. The fallout comes after Danny Ranged and his partner Louisa Obotimised criticised their friend’s holiday pics and videos which featured a combination of food, buildings, places, scenery and a few loving selfies. “I wouldn’t mind,” said

Lincolnshire’s Glory Holes and Dogging Sites To Reopen From July 15th.

Boris Johnson has finally got his finger out  and has announced the date for glory holes and woodland/beauty spot dogging sites to reopen. Popular car park dogging spots are to remain closed for longer though due to supermarkets having extended click and collect hours. Boris doesn’t want old Mavis going to collect her weekly shop

New Two Pint Rule For Social Distancing.

The new social distancing regulations of table ordering and filling out of forms only lasted until the bottom of the second pint yesterday as pubs re-opened their doors once again.  Well we say re-opened their doors once again, if the rumours are to be believed, some establishments in Gainsborough having secret drinks behind closed curtains.