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April 15, 2021

‘Your Social Media Posts Are Boring’ Claims Scunthorpe Couple Who Only Post Hundreds Of Selfies Of Themselves Holding Drinks

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A Scunthorpe couple caused a major rift in their social circles after branding their friends Facebook posts as boring.

The fallout comes after Danny Ranged and his partner Louisa Obotimised criticised their friend’s holiday pics and videos which featured a combination of food, buildings, places, scenery and a few loving selfies.

“I wouldn’t mind,” said their friend Amma Mazed “but all they ever post are pics of themselves holding drinks. Before lockdown, they were out drinking in Scunny, they posted 184 pictures of that night. I counted them all. Each one was of themselves holding various drinks. You couldn’t tell what bar they were in.They were all close up mug shots with their stupid mouths wide open showing off their gappy teeth.”

“Last year they went to Sheffield, Donny and Manchester for boozy nights out and had a holiday in Benidorm,” said another friend Rita-Sue Anbobtoo. “They posted hundreds of pics and you just couldn’t tell where they were. I couldn’t tell if the bar they were in was in Spain or Sheffield. And they have the nerve to call our pics boring!”

“What’s the point in taking pics of your holiday if you cannot look back and see what you did or where you went.” Bemoaned Anne Noyed, another ex-friend. “Is it some kind of midlife crisis they are going through? Are they trying to prove to the world or themselves that they are happy and having a great time? Or are they just so full of their own importance that they think we all need to see their stupid grinning faces every time they take a damn sip of a shot?”

“OK, so I’ve shared a few political posts,” said old friend Drew Wouldntbelieveit. “Brexshit and the coronavirus pandemic is real, they are happening and they affect us all. I care about people and the society I live in, and so I do share a few bit’s about it. But to be told that I am boring the couple who only post alcohol focused selfies is taking the piss.”

The Sausage contacted Mr. D Ranged and Miss L. Obotomised but they refused to comment.

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