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April 15, 2021

Gainsborough Family Spends 30 Grand On A Caravan For ‘Cheaper Holidays’

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A Lincolnshire family who bought a caravan to save money have been forced to blow their life savings on all the fucking equipment you need to go with it.

The Brownjacksmith family of Gainsborough, bought the second hand five berth Sprite caravan from Torksey Caravans before realising they would also need the outdoor supplies of a small army.

Debbie Brownjacksmith told The Sausage: “We’ve had to buy cooking gear, cool boxes, sleeping bags, windbreakers, chairs, table, torches and an inflatable awning which cost £800. Plus lots more other shit that goes with it. We’ve basically bought everything for a second house. When you come to think of it, this caravanning lark feels like an odd way to save money.”

“Then we had to buy a towbar for the car and my husband had to do an additional towing course so that he could tow the van legally costing over a £1000 in total.”

“I’ve been adding it all up and once you add in the pitch fees, electric hook-up fees, parking fees, joining The Caravan Club and the extra fuel of towing the expensive white box, I’m pretty sure we could have bought a sizeable four bedroom villa with a pool in Bulgaria and had a few more trips to Disneyworld to see Mickey Mouse and his friends .”

“Caravanning had better be chuffing brilliant as we’ve never actually done it before.”


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