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November 13, 2019


Are You Ready For The Brexit Purge?

Purge Like Warning Sirens Set To Welcome In The Start Of Brexit. Flood and warning sirens in towns across the county will sound at midnight on the 1st of November to warn locals of the start of Brexit.  Lincolnshire folk, make sure you are Purge ready as your survival depends on it! Experts and analysts

Residents Left In The Dark As Town Prepares For Brexit

Gainsborough last night prepared for Brexit by having a scheduled mini power cut which was organised by the Council and the European energy suppliers that run the power stations in the area. Normally the council can’t organise a piss up in a brewery so hats off to them. Many worried locals took to Facebook to

Shock News. Brexit To Cause Stella Price Hike!!

  As Brexit looms ever closer, it seems drinkers of European Biers will be hit the hardest. Even though it was the main driving force of the whole Brexit debacle. A Government official told one of The Sausage’s Brexit team that the “price hikes were a kind of stealth tax which will be needed to

World In Panic As Putin Is Spotted Smiling

  Once again the world braces itself for a potential nuclear holocaust as The Russian President Vladimir Putin smiles.  who the Sausage holds in high regard and we have the utmost respect not like all other satirical sites please don’t poison us . The last reports of old Val smiling were shortly after the Salisbury

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