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January 29, 2020


The Jeremy Kyle Show Set For Return, Boris Johnson To Be The First Guest.

The long anticipated question of “how many children does Boris have?” may finally be answered.  Talks are underway between ITV and 10 downing street to revive “The Jeremy Kyle Show” to finally answer the long awaited question. After crumbling under substantial pressure Boris has been quoted as saying “we should proceed without dither and delay”

Beer Anxiety… Turning Men Into Big Girls Blouses!

Paul Carling 31 admitted to The Sausage that he cannot watch anything on the TV without bursting into tears after a big night out with the lads. Paul told The Sausage: “I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older my hangovers have become more unbearable and more vicious. Throbbing headaches, churning stomach, feeling like you want

Layer Up For A Cold Damp Election Day.

Lincolnshire parents have been advised by the Met office to layer up on their pajamas and put their fluffy winter dressing gown on today for the morning school run as it’s a bit fresh out there. The school run could take a little longer this morning due to there being a General Election with mum’s

Food Banks Or Johnny Foreigners, Who Wins? You Decide!

Voters in Lincolnshire face an agonising choice in the upcoming general election as they attempt to balance their dislike of Johnny foreigners or their general hatred of anyone with money. It’s a dilemma which is causing mental torment and creating a lot of soul searching throughout the county. It could basically come down to… do

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