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November 13, 2019


Environmental Activists Criticised For Protesting For Change Before Changes Have Happened.

Armchair experts hit social media this week to condemn environmental campaigners for not waiting to campaign against climate change causing fossil fuels until after society had fully adopted renewable energy and all vehicles were environmental friendly. Environmental campaigners were called dumb by the arm chair gammons for super glueing themselves to tube trains in London

Are You Ready For The Brexit Purge?

Purge Like Warning Sirens Set To Welcome In The Start Of Brexit. Flood and warning sirens in towns across the county will sound at midnight on the 1st of November to warn locals of the start of Brexit.  Lincolnshire folk, make sure you are Purge ready as your survival depends on it! Experts and analysts

Residents Left In The Dark As Town Prepares For Brexit

Gainsborough last night prepared for Brexit by having a scheduled mini power cut which was organised by the Council and the European energy suppliers that run the power stations in the area. Normally the council can’t organise a piss up in a brewery so hats off to them. Many worried locals took to Facebook to

Popping Round Unannounced To Be Made Illegal.

  THE act of ‘popping round’ unannounced to someone’s house is to be reclassified as a crime with the possibility of a custodial sentence or a good birching in the local town square. The government has finally vowed to clamp down on this antisocial behaviour that has terrorised the British population for generations. A government

Shock News. Brexit To Cause Stella Price Hike!!

  As Brexit looms ever closer, it seems drinkers of European Biers will be hit the hardest. Even though it was the main driving force of the whole Brexit debacle. A Government official told one of The Sausage’s Brexit team that the “price hikes were a kind of stealth tax which will be needed to

Oh Dear Me! Is It Real?

  No the heat has not gone to your head Sausage readers, Boris is really in charge of the sinking ship HMS UK and this time there is no-one to blame but those pointless, spineless, incompetent Tories. Another unelected leader at the helm, what could possibly go wrong? Are we America in disguise? Do we

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