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March 8, 2021


Move Aside Ladies, It’s Time For Men To Start Xmas Shopping!

Worried men all over the world have just realised that now might be a good time to start their Christmas shopping. For some reason unknown to mankind, men always leave their Christmas shopping to the last moment. Maybe it’s a genetic flaw or just pure incompetence. Instead of planning ahead and shopping for their gifts

“Happy Christmas, Your Mail Is Here.”

Local post persons from across the county who haven’t spoken a word to Lincolnshire residents for 350 days have suddenly become friendly and approachable over the past couple of weeks. Local post person, Pat O’Cake who usually waits around the corner until people have gone out so he can push his ‘We called while you

That Bloody Dogs Farted Again!

A Lincolnshire dog is preparing himself to be blamed for seasonal family farting, brought on by overindulgence of sprouts, dates, and other festive fare. Springer Spaniel Benji, 6, says that he will be openly blamed for all of the toxic gases and nose numbing niffs on Christmas Day.  Benji told The Sausage: “I will take