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March 8, 2021


“Just Get Chuffing Ready You Little Shxts!”

Samantha Frogman, from Gainsborough, blew up at her sons, aged five and eight, 175 separate times in the 65 minutes it took to get them up out of bed and to school. In that time they had to get washed – several times, brush their teeth, have breakfast, get dressed, get in the car, go

Parents Rejoice As Little Darlings Go Back To School

Parents across the land rejoice as it’s 1st of June and that means one thing, no not meeting up with 5 friends but some children are finally going back to school after a long, long Covid 19 holiday. The school Covid19 holiday is being compared to the SAS selection process and it is rumoured that

GCSE Results Delayed Across Northern Lincolnshire!

  Thousands of Pupils across Northern Lincolnshire will have to wait at least 24 hours to get their GCSE results. The delay was a result of a printing error at the envelope factory, The opening instructions had not been printed on the envelopes meaning the pupils would not be able to open the envelopes safely

Benefit Caps Hurt Families County Wide

  Benefit caps have left families across the county with deep scarring after not being checked thoroughly by Austerity Hits Ltd based in Saxilby https://thelincolnshiresausage.com/2019/05/19/austerity-factory-to-open-at-saxilby/ A massive fail in the final inspection process of the benefit caps was to blame. The caps left the factory un-fettled with very sharp edges, cutting families – who are