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April 8, 2020


Workplace Pettiness Is What Gets Me Up In The Morning!

Being petty or antagonistic in the workplace is the sole reason people actually get up out of their comfortable bed each morning and go to work. Top scientists at Lincoln University have found that pathetic, childish work-based spats, and squabbles about biscuits, staplers, allen keys, pointless antagonistic signs and unwashed cups provided greater incentive than

Urgent Police Investigation Launched Into Sex Worker Trafficking After Hearing ‘9 Vans Of Virgin Workers Spotted In Gainsborough’.

It has been revealed that Lincolnshire police have now closed a massive investigation into alleged sex worker trafficking in Gainsborough after they realised that 9 vans of workers seen parked up on a local road were workers for Virgin Media and not ‘virgin’ sex workers.  The investigation was launched after detective A. Rsetoot of the