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March 30, 2020


The Nations Birds All In A Flap Over Human Flu

Birds across the world are fearing the potential spread of ‘Human Flu’ and  are considering a global lock-down after scientists suggested that the human Coronavirus, Covid 19, may spread among the avian population. Big Bird, a spokesperson for birds told The Sausage earlier today: “All birds should consider reducing the amount they travel, particularly those

You Saucy Lot, You Braved The Shave!

Lincolnshire folk all across the county once again prepared for Valentine’s Day by carefully thinning their pubic thatches, causing mayhem and localised flooding to areas of the county as sewers became blocked with massive pube-bergs. And with all the excess water from storm Dennis it was a recipe for disaster. As Lincolnshire folk stood in

Beer Anxiety… Turning Men Into Big Girls Blouses!

Paul Carling 31 admitted to The Sausage that he cannot watch anything on the TV without bursting into tears after a big night out with the lads. Paul told The Sausage: “I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older my hangovers have become more unbearable and more vicious. Throbbing headaches, churning stomach, feeling like you want

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