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November 13, 2019


Drink Drive? Who Me? No I’m Just A Human Brewery!

A teetotal Lincoln factory worker arrested by Lincolnshire Traffic Police for drink driving had his conviction overturned when it was revealed that he actually has a bizarre and rare medical condition called ABS (auto-brewery-syndrome) which causes his stomach to brew beer. Paul Brewer-Barleyson 58 from Westwick Drive Lincoln was stopped on Tillbridge Lane in the

Happy Lincolnshire Day You Yellow-bellied Folk.

Lincolnshire’s official county day is here Sausage readers and it marks the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising, a revolt by Catholics against the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII on 1st October 1536. Yellowbellies (pronounced yeller belly) born and bred in Lincolnshire, and those who have moved to the county and now

BMW Driver Is Seen Using Indicators On The A46.

It has been reported that a BMW driver has been seen using indicators whilst driving on the A46 just south of Lincoln this week. The driver was breaking every rule in the BMW handbook when it comes to indicating and it has really upset the staff at BMW. They are concerned for the drivers safety

Milk Goes Sour As Boris Becomes PM.

  As Boris our saviour Johnson was sworn in as PM the other week, milk in stores across Lincoln soured in protest at the news. Shelves and shelves of the dairy product just went sour, even that UHT stuff your grandma and grandpa have in for emergency at the back of the cupboard which no

Benefit Caps Hurt Families County Wide

  Benefit caps have left families across the county with deep scarring after not being checked thoroughly by Austerity Hits Ltd based in Saxilby https://thelincolnshiresausage.com/2019/05/19/austerity-factory-to-open-at-saxilby/ A massive fail in the final inspection process of the benefit caps was to blame. The caps left the factory un-fettled with very sharp edges, cutting families – who are

Lincoln Canal To Go Under The Hammer.

  An 11 mile stretch of canal between Brayford Pool and Torksey is to be sold at auction today. It is believed to be the oldest person made waterway of its time. Formally known as man made but due to the complaints received  from the local W.I. it had to be reclassified. It was built

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