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November 17, 2019


Breaking News! 250 Immigrant Loving Disrespectful Tree Hugger Types Arrested In County-Wide Crackdown On Non Poppy Wearing

More than 250 people have been arrested as part of an operation to crackdown on disrespectful non Poppy wearing. Since mid the start of November 250 people – described as pacifists, communists and immigrant loving tree hugging lefty types –  have been arrested following a series of dawn raids around Lincolnshire for various offences including

Lincolnshire Threatens To Flood Nottinghamshire As Feud Continues Over Who Has the Best Roadside Eateries

Tensions between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire heightened today after Lincolnshire threatened to flood it’s neighbour. The low farmlands around Beckingham and Saundby will be the targets of the first wave of flooding if Nottinghamshire does not apologise for the comments made by the manager of Trent Port as reported in the Sausage here: Military Gather As

Woman Finally Admits That Earl Grey Tea Actually Tastes Disgusting.

A woman from Lincoln has admitted today that she doesn’t really like Earl Grey tea because it tastes horrible. Louise Huffington 38, an unemployed footballers wife, shopper and part time social media influencer has confirmed that she only drinks Earl Grey tea because it sounds “a bit posh and looks good on her instagram account”.

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