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March 30, 2020


Boris, “Let Them Eat Cake”

In an attempt to make himself more popular, Boris Johnson has said that if he manages to win the race to become the Prime Minister he will review all of the sin taxes. Health campaigners say that taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugar help saves lives in turn reducing the costs on the ‘creaking gate’

Relief For Gainsborough As Surgery Re-opens .

A Doctor’s surgery in Gainsborough has reopened after a suspension was lifted. Patients at Cleveland Surgery were shocked to discover that the practice had cancelled all immediate appointments when it was forced to close its doors on Wednesday after receiving a yellow card, shortly followed by a red card from the referee of doctors, ‘The

Fractured Motivation Is The New Bad Back

Fractured Motivation Is The New Bad Back New statistics show an increase in workers taking time off with the condition Fractured Motivation. Between Jan 2018 and 2019 the cases of Fractured Motivation rose from 12.5% to 65% from the previous year. The trend has continued into this year as the country is currently running at