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March 8, 2021

South Lincolnshire

Happy Lincolnshire Day You Yellow-bellied Folk.

Lincolnshire’s official county day is here Sausage readers and it marks the anniversary of the Lincolnshire Rising, a revolt by Catholics against the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII on 1st October 1536. Yellowbellies (pronounced yeller belly) born and bred in Lincolnshire, and those who have moved to the county and now

Boston Bin Battle As Beer Can Brews Bad Blood.

  A Boston man was arrested yesterday afternoon after he threw a wheelie bin at his neighbours mobility scooter. The argument happened after Mr Bin There had spotted his neighbour Mrs Bin Overthere had placed a Stella act a twat can in his recycling bin without getting his permission. Apparently it wasn’t the first time

Are Disabled Bays Making People Disabled ??

On Wednesday evening, Sausage reporter Keep Notes decided to stop and have his dinner break in a well known fast food restaurant, the one with golden arches, in a small Lincolnshire town whose residents probably won’t understand this article. Consuming his dinner in his car he was tucking into one of the restaurants many delicious

Roll Up Roll Up It’s Show Time.

Prize tractors, pig racing, wicker person building and even Lincolnshire’s first unrelated marriage to take place. Organisers of the popular Lincolnshire Show, held at the Lincolnshire Showground, expect this year’s to be the biggest ever. This year the annual show takes place on Wednesday and Thursday the 19th and 20th of June. If you haven’t

Company Boss Installs Crying Areas For Employees

As tensions mount between employees at a Lincolnshire packaging machine manufacturing company, the boss has had no option but to install designated crying areas around the workshop. A toxic tension has been bubbling away like a hot cauldron in a witches cottage. The main ingredient in this toxic atmosphere is Brexit. It has divided the

Time Is A Healer.

The phrase, ‘time is a great healer,’ is being put into practice next month by the NHS. A&E departments across Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire are set to extend their waiting times in a radical approach to cure people’s ailments and injuries. As we all know time is money, especially when you are in A&E for

Lincolnshire Leisure Centres Recruitment Drive .

A recruitment drive has started county wide at local council run leisure centres due to a shortage of over opinionated Fat to Morbidly Obese men who talk Shit in Saunas and Steam rooms . The position offered will have a starting salary of £ 21000 with lunches provided.The ideal candidate must be able to tell

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