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March 6, 2021


Sheep Dips To Be Trialed At Airports

A statement released last night from Downing St says that sheep dips are to be trialed at airports from next week.This is the latest move by the Government in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19. The proven system used by farmers across the world to protect their sheep against infestation from external parasites

Audi Driver Demands A Kinghthood !

An Audi driver has scribbled a letter in his favourite coloured crayon addressed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth asking for a chuffing Knighthood and a public holiday to be named after him after letting a pensioner out at a junction, it has emerged. Pete Ennis, 32, from Lincoln’s Birchwood estate was in a line of

Buying A Vauxhall Is Like Buying Scratch Cards.

A recent study has shown that buying a Vauxhall is just like buying a scratch card in the fact that usually every one in five is a winner. Over the years Vauxhall’s have been littered with several well known problems ranging from windows suddenly opening on their own as soon as they hit 70 mph

BMW Driver Is Seen Using Indicators On The A46.

It has been reported that a BMW driver has been seen using indicators whilst driving on the A46 just south of Lincoln this week. The driver was breaking every rule in the BMW handbook when it comes to indicating and it has really upset the staff at BMW. They are concerned for the drivers safety

Lincoln Canal To Go Under The Hammer.

  An 11 mile stretch of canal between Brayford Pool and Torksey is to be sold at auction today. It is believed to be the oldest person made waterway of its time. Formally known as man made but due to the complaints received  from the local W.I. it had to be reclassified. It was built

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