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November 13, 2019


Buying A Vauxhall Is Like Buying Scratch Cards.

A recent study has shown that buying a Vauxhall is just like buying a scratch card in the fact that usually every one in five is a winner. Over the years Vauxhall’s have been littered with several well known problems ranging from windows suddenly opening on their own as soon as they hit 70 mph

Bad Dishwasher Usage Is Evidence Of Devolution.

Scientists working at the University of Lincoln today released a study which they claim demonstrates that the human race appears to be separating into two distinct species. They also point out that, for one of them, evolution appears to be running backwards. “We have examined the way people use their dishwashers and discovered that people

Vegan Carves Apology In Pumpkin!

A committed vegan has carved a heartfelt and tearful sorry note into a pumpkin for what it has had to suffer. Jack Sprout had just started hacking into the pumpkin for Halloween before being overcome with remorse at mutilating a blameless innocent pumpkin for entertainment. The apology, which is carved into the pumpkin, said “for

That’s Not How You Spell S-cunthorpe!

Tina Turner affectionately known as Ten Bob Tina by her ‘friends’ was tuning into the ITV 1 show Good Morning Britain, Thursday, October 24, when the programme cut to Calendar to see the news in Lincolnshire and that there Yorkshire. Click Here For Ten Bob Tina However, Tina noticed an unfortunate positioning in the technical

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