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April 15, 2021


Husband Never Realised Wife Was Such A Cow At Work

A man who is working from home alongside his partner of nine years had not realised that she was such a cowbag and a complete dick in the workplace.  Johnny Rockson was completely unprepared for his wife Angie’s workplace personality who turned out to be a massive backstabbing and self important cowbag.  Johnny told The

Hooray Hooray It’s A Furlough Holiday!

A furloughed factory worker from Gainsborough who has been at home for the past six weeks due to the Coronavirus lockdown, has said that he doesn’t mind ‘one bit’, and that he hopes it goes on for many more months. David Woodson, who works at a manufacturing company making automated packaging equipment told The Sausage:”The

Workplace Pettiness Is What Gets Me Up In The Morning!

Being petty or antagonistic in the workplace is the sole reason people actually get up out of their comfortable bed each morning and go to work. Top scientists at Lincoln University have found that pathetic, childish work-based spats, and squabbles about biscuits, staplers, allen keys, pointless antagonistic signs and unwashed cups provided greater incentive than