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April 15, 2021

The Gainsborough Food Bank Needs Your Help

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Calling on the wonderful people of Gainsborough. 

The Gainsborough Food Bank Needs Your Help. 

There is no worse feeling than being cold and hungry. 

Imagine being a child who hasn’t had a decent hot healthy meal in days…  through no fault of their own… they are cold, hungry and miserable.

Forced to go to school without having any breakfast. Their evening meal being pitiful and inadequate to feed and nourish a growing body and mind.

As exposed in the Channel 4 Dispatches show Growing Up Poor: Britain’s Breadline Kids many families struggle to survive on as little as £5 a day. Meaning that the evening meal can often be nothing more than a couple of slices of cheap bread and butter.

Sometimes buying food for the family comes at the expense of heating and electric. No child deserves to be left cold and hungry.

It’s not good enough, it’s something no family should ever experience

…certainly not in modern Britain. The 5th richest country in the world.

So we need your help…

Superheros Assemble!

These children and families need superheroes… and that means you.

Be a superhero of the best kind and put a few extra food items in your shopping basket this week if you can and help those who are struggling to give their families a decent warm meal this bitterly cold winter.

Imagine if all of the people of Gainsborough rallied together in a real British Blitz & Dunkirk spirit stylewhich we are so famous for and proud of – and donated just one product per person to the food bank… 

…it would really help and you wouldn’t even notice it making any difference to your weekly shop bill. 

(If you live in Lincoln, Louth, Stamford, Boston or other parts of our great county please help your own local Food Banks. They too need your donations. 
Please send us any addresses of Lincolnshire Food Banks so we can compile a list for the county.)

You Never Know When You May Need Their Help! 

(We hope you never do!)

In these unpredictable times of economic insecurity you just never know when you may be forced to rely on the good will of the food bank yourself.  

The sad fact of life is that some of us are potentially only a few missed pay days away from having to use a food bank.

As the bitter cold weather falls heavily upon us, the food bank is seeing an increase of users… therefore stock is getting pretty low.

This means they need our help so that they can continue to help those less fortunate than ourselves. More and more people are in need and no one deserves to have to suffer a cold foodless Christmas.

Can you help? 

The wonderful volunteers at the Gainsborough Food Bank have made a list of the most in-demand items. 

If you could spare one or two items they have a collection point within Tesco (near the entrance) 

Or if you prefer, you can personally deliver anything you are able to give to the Riverside Training Centre on Market Street where the food bank is located.

They desperately need the following:

• Mash potato snack pot

• Pot noodles 

• Mug shot noodles/pasta

• Pasta pots

• Super noodles 

• Packet pasta sauces 

• Microwave rice 

• Pasta/rice and spaghetti

• Tinned stewing steak

• Tinned curries 

• Tinned spaghetti Bolognese

• Tinned chilli 

• Tinned meatballs 

• Tinned hotdogs

• Tinned chicken in white sauce 

• Tinned fray bento pies 

• Tinned corned beef

• Tinned ham

• Tinned bacon grill

• Tinned tuna

• Tinned sweetcorn 

• Tinned peas

• Tinned carrots

• Tinned potatoes 

• Tinned tomatoes 

• Tinned beans

• Tinned spaghetti 

• Tinned soup 

• Bolognese sauce

• Chilli sauce

• Curry sauce 

• Snack pot cereal

• 2in1 coffee

• 3in1 coffee 

• Small sugar

• Small jars of coffee 

• Small packs of tea bags

• Small bottles of squash orange/blackcurrant 

• Uht milk 

• Biscuits 

• Crisps

• Crackers/ cracker bread/ cracker toast 

• Jams

• Shampoo

• Conditioner

• Shower gel

• Deodorant 

• Toilet roll

• Washing up liquid

• Fabric conditioner

• Cleaning cloths

• Carrier bags

Thank you.

The Sausage team.